Auslogics Registry Defrag 10.1.0


Auslogics Registry Defrag – can improve your system’s performance by Compacting and Improving your System’s Ability to Access the Windows Registry. In theory, and as programs are installed and/or removed from a system, the registry will not only grow in size but will also lose its linear structure, making it less responsive and causing increased access times. 

A registry defragmentation can reverse this, eliminating useless space that was previously allocated to now uninstalled applications as well as restore a linear structure to the registry that optimizes access times. 

System Optimization 
• Microsoft Windows and various program access the registry a few hundred times a second. By keeping your registry optimized you improve your computer performance. 

Complete Registry Defragmentation 
• Data is frequently removed from the registry, but the allocated space remains. The program will scan through the registry to remove this space, reducing the size of the registry. 

Ease of Use 
• Registry Defrag is incredibly easy to use even for a novice user. The program provides stunning visual representation of the fragmented areas in your registry. 

Detailed Reports 
• Upon defragmenting the registry on your computer, the program prepares an HTML report with comprehensive details about registry defragmentation process. 

What’s New 
* Thoroughly tested and tweaked for maximum Windows 10 compatibility 
* Program translated into multiple languages: select your language in Settings 
* Multiple algorithm improvements implemented 
* All known bugs fixed 

Title Release: Auslogics.Registry.Defrag.10.1.0 
Developer: Home Page 
License: FreeWare 
OS: Windows


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